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Best Nostalgic Ice Cream Flavors You MUST TRY!

Best Nostalgic Ice Cream Flavors You MUST TRY!
Ice cream is one of the most favorite meryenda of Filipinos all over the world. A birthday party or a family outing at your favorite resort always calls for a tub of ice cream ready to satisfy everyone’s cravings. 

Now that the world is currently in lockdown, there is nothing more you’d want than a sense of normalcy. Lucky for you, The Lost Bread has a wide variety of ice cream flavors that can remind you of the fun days from your childhood! 

The Lost Bread’s Nostalgic Ice Cream Flavors

Nostalgic flavors are a massive hit for the Filipino taste, and it is not surprising why. With our high respect for tradition, we have developed a liking to things that reminds us of the past.  Do you want a wild ride of memories with every scoop of ice cream? Then check out these three The Lost Bread ice cream flavors that can give you a sense of nostalgia with every bite. 

#1 HawHaw

Everyone’s favorite nostalgic candy is now in an ice cream flavor. The Lost Bread has captured the milky goodness of our most favorite kendi into an ice cream flavor that our customers just cannot get enough of!  Nobody exactly knows why a lot of people love HawHaw. Maybe it’s the sweetness, or perhaps it’s the unique chalk-like texture. Who knows? What we do know is that everyone loves it, and now, this flavor that gives you a wild nostalgia ride of your childhood is available on The Lost Bread. 

#2 Chocnut

Wherever you are in the Philippines, if you’re a true 90’s kid, you know all about the famous Chocnut candy wrapped in a traditional paper and foil packaging. This chocolate has become one of the few things that made our childhood way better.  The Lost Bread has created a flavor specifically for people who miss the king of peanut milk chocolate candies. With chunks of choco peanuts, this ice cream flavor has become one of our bestsellers! 


#3 90’s Kids Mix 

Remember that iced gems candies you always buy when you just got home from school? Now, add some sprinkles and marshmallows, mix it with the classic creamy vanilla, and you have the perfect flavor for nostalgic ice cream!  You can enjoy this classic 90’s snack in the comfort of your own home. Remember the fun times you’ve had with your siblings and cousins over a spoonful of nostalgic creamy ice cream. 


 Craving For Some Nostalgic Ice Cream?  Good news to our beloved customers, The Lost Bread can ship your favorite ice cream in Metro Manila! We want to continue serving our beloved customers during these trying times by making it easier to get a tub of ice cream you have been craving for.  Reminisce the past as you hang out in your bedrooms watching Netflix, or spending some bonding time with your siblings talking about fun memories about your childhood. Pick your favorite ice cream and order from us now. 


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