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TOP 5 The Lost Bread Ice Cream You Should Try

TOP 5 The Lost Bread Ice Cream You Should Try

It's no secret that everybody loves ice cream, but the true question is which ice cream flavor reigns as the crowd's favorite.

If you want to find the best ice cream flavor to try out, we've compiled The Lost Bread's best-selling ice cream flavors that our customers can't get enough of!

Best-Selling The Lost Bread Ice Cream Flavors

Our ice cream flavors are specially crafted to make sure that Filipinos will love it! If you're deciding what flavor to try out, here's the list of our bestselling ice cream flavors.

#5 Brown Sugar Milk Tea 

Who doesn't love milk tea? This craze has taken over a lot of people so we have incorporated this crowd favorite into one of our ice cream flavors.

This yummy and mouthwatering ice cream flavor is the perfect ice cream flavor to eat while you're just having a chill night watching Netflix.



#4 Blue Vanilla

Is your favorite color blue? Or do you simply love the classic vanilla flavor? It doesn't matter because we have a flavor that has captured a lot of people's taste buds.

It's everybody's favorite flavor with a fun twist! A lot of people might think vanilla is a bit simple but with a whole new color and that milky buttery taste, our customers just can't get enough of our unique and tasty Blue Vanilla Ice Cream Flavor.

#3 Mango Graham

Reminding you of fun meryenda moments at your Lola's house, our Mango Graham Ice Cream is surely one of the flavors you should try!

 This tasty and flavorful mango ice cream sprinkled with graham crackers can really bring back fun memories of your childhood.

#2 HawHaw

Milk as ice cream flavor? Who can say no to that? This unique and classic flavor can't be found anywhere else but here!

 One of our nostalgic flavors, Hawhaw Ice Cream is one of Lost Bread's most popular ice cream flavors. This milky goodness reminds us of our favorite candy that we always buy at sari-sari stores after we played patintero with our friends.

Special Mention: 90's Kids Mix

Before we reveal our number one ice cream flavor, we just want to give a shoutout to this ice cream flavor that is overflowing with nostalgia with iced gems, sprinkles, and marshmallows! It's all your favorite desserts rolled into one. It's one of our flavors that is slowly becoming our customer's favorites that everyone should try!

#1 Chocnut 

Nobody can beat the nostalgic flavors of our youth and The Lost Bread's number one best-selling flavor is no other than our Chocnut Ice Cream!

It comes to no surprise that this choco-nutty flavor is at the top of our list. Combining chocolate, milk, and peanut, there is nothing more you'll want than spending a whole day at home eating this bestselling ice cream.

Pick Your Favorite Now!

Have you tried our best-selling ice cream flavors? Don't miss out and buy from us now and you'll see why our customers simply want to buy more.

Did our list make you crave for some delicious ice cream? Good news, we can deliver your favorite ice cream right to your doorstep anywhere in Metro Manila!


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