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Based on 206 reviews
Would order again

This one tasted exactly how I thought it would taste. The chocnut flavor was just right!

Delicious, addicting

Delicious and addicting. If not for the lead time, I would've ordered over and over and over again.

One of the Most Delicious Ice Cream

Worth to give in to one’s craving!

It's As Advertised

Tastes very much like peanut butter as you're an ice cream-y way! Good job 👏

Classic Taho
Alexis Anne Guerrero
Lovely Taste, Unique Texture

Tastes like Taho but feels more like gelato, kinda gummy in texture. Takes a bit to get used to but it's yummy

Lily’s Peanut Butter Ice cream

Compared to other peanut butter ice cream, this one is really gooooood!!! I hope, soon, you’ll have a tub for it too.

Rating: 2 stars
Not enough corn flavor, one can taste the cream and sweetness but little of the corn.

Everyone at the office liked this one, with the aroma and flavor of the peanut butter, it earned a thumbs up from all.

Classic Taho
Tastes exactly like Taho!

I was pleasantly surprised that it's literally Taho in ice cream format. I love it even if it didn't have brown sugar but that just makes it so much better.

My fave so far

This one is my favorite so far along with campfire smores. I love it, soo good, because of the brownie and i like Lily’s peanut butter.

Milk Tea with Boba in ice cream form

One of my go-to flavors. Really good and i like that it actually has boba

Lily's panut butter ice cream

The ice cream tasted really like peanut butter, it was rich in flavor but a little on the sweet side. Would love to try other flavors

Yummy ice cream!

Will not disappoint. Yummy, creamy ice cream.

Sweet Corn (Limited Edition)
Ice cream with Corn

Corn is flavorful which is good, Ice cream was a bit sweet which overwhelms

HawHaw Milk Ice Cream (1.5L)
macapuno without the macapuno

same formula used in the macapuno flavor which is excellent. I find it a bit too sweet, as the milk is just enough, but the haw haw, i guess must be crumbled a bit more?

Classic Taho
Oscar T. Castañrfs

Address: 13 Sgt. Santos St., Bagong Ilog, Pasig City

Mango Graham (Pint)
Dodette T.
Very good ice cream!

I ordered sweet corn and mango graham. Both very delicious but I really loved mango graham. It's comfort food 💯 percent. Will order again, of course!

Perfect peanut butter ice cream

I'm so happy it's not so sweet. The sweetness level is just right. And it's very peanut buttery - thick and creamy. I want to order again soon!

Cookies & Cream Cheesecake (Pint)
Cheesecake talaga

Reminds me of the cheesecake recipes on the back of cream cheese packaging. Tastes great and somehow comforting. The oreo perfectly balances the cheesy tang of the ice cream. I'm normally not a fan of cookies & cream ice cream but having the cheesecake flavor is perfect for it

Cookies & Cream Cheesecake (Pint)
Oscar Castañeda

Address:13 Sgt. Santos St., Bagong Ilog, Pasig City NCR
Cellphone No. +639165442426
Landline No.(02) 86710654

Awesome cones

A must-have ice cream cone. So crispy and great taste! Love it!

Frozen Hot Chocolate
Oscar Castañeda

Address: 13 Sgt. Santos St., Bagong Ilog, Pasig City NCR
Contact Number : +639165442426

Delicious. Nostalgic. Highly recommended

1.5 liters is not enough.

Mango Graham (1L Tub)
Celine Gonzales
Mango Graham

Melts in your mouth. So good and the right amount of sweetness. Best with watching a movie and relacing.

New Fave!

It's heavenly! It's really like a peanutbutter converted to icecream. It's not too sweet. I love how the brownie bits complement and give an extra texture to the icecream. I was hoping for more brownies though.
It's now my new favorite!